Timadeuc Abbey

Timadeuc Abbey is linked to La Joie Notre-Dame located at Campénéac, close to Ploërmel. The Father Abbot of Timadeuc is called the « Immediate Father » of the nuns of that community. Hence close brotherly relationships and frequent visits.

Those links were even strengthened when the community moved from Sainte Anne d'Auray to Campénéac since the current monastery was built for a large part by the brothers of Timadeuc themselves in 1953.

The sisters have founded a monastery in Madagascar, under the name of Notre-Dame d'Ampibanjinana and it is expanding. The Father Abbot of Timadeuc is also the « Immediate Father » of that Malagasy monastery which he visits every two years.

Those brotherly links which can exist between a male and a female community in our Order are one of the treasures of Cistercian monasticism.

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