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Also, if you ask for it, a priest-monk can include a prayer request in the Eucharist. For instance a mass for a deceased person, a relative, a friend. Or else a Thanksgiving mass for a golden or silver wedding, a priestly jubilee or a particular intention such as a recovery.

The celebration of mass is free of charge and is priceless. But the faithful, from the start, have wanted to show that sharing the Eucharist involves the whole being, just as Christ fully committed himself, giving his life to free us from sin and from death and to offer us eternal life. Hence their offerings, either in kind (the origin of the Offertory) or in cash in order to provide for the expenses of worship, to support the priests and the life of the Church.

Currently, the amount of the stipend is 16 euros for a request for a mass. You can also ask for a novena (9 masses in a row : 160 euros) or for Gregorian masses (30 masses on 30 consecutive days : 560 euros).


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