Timadeuc Abbey

The cheese of Timadeuc Abbey was virtually born with the monastery. After settling in in 1841, the monks set about making cheese with the milk from their herd for their own consumption and that of their guests. They simply put into practice the manufacturing process they had learnt from their brothers at Port-du-Salut Abbey, the cradle of the famous genuine « Port-Salut » cheese in Mayenne. The milk which was not converted into cheese was used to feed the pigs.

The « Trappe de Timadeuc » is a pressed uncooked cheese of the « Port-Salut » type.

At the end of 2003, our Cistercian sisters from « Notre-Dame d'Espérance » at Echourgnac in Dordogne were no longer able to satisfy the ever increasing demand from their clients. They suggested we share a recipe they had perfected in 1999 : a small pressed cheese matured with walnut liquor.

The « Timanoix » is thus the latest cheese from our workshop.

Hope in God




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