Timadeuc Abbey

« A new branch on the Cistercian tree » as Dom Bernardo Olivera, former Abbot General of the Order called them: lay Cistercians.

For several years, they have been creating a Fraternity and have been meeting at the monastery 3 or 4 times a year.

They have written out a charter which says : « Our fraternity linked to Cistercian Abbey « Notre-dame de Timadeuc » was born out of the desire expressed by several friends of the Abbey to know its spirituality better and even more, to get closer to the monastery some of them had been attending for quite a while. »

About 15 people, very much involved in society and in the Church (2 married men are permanent deacons and one woman is a consecrated virgin) want to live an experience of Cistercian spirituality which is essentially based on prayer, sharing, lectures (The Rule of Saint Benedict, the Cistercian Fathers), the communion experienced during those meetings but also in everyday life.

This Fraternity of Timadeuc is linked to the other Fraternities all over the world and maintains links with the Order as a whole.

Hope in God




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