Timadeuc Abbey

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« Far into the wilderness where God leads you » (« Au fond du désert où Dieu te mène »): the monastic life is a life of isolation but a passionate one where those in search of God have replied to Christ's calling. Here is the screenplay!

The following « freeze frames » will portray this in our unique Cistercian way, that is to say with a straightforward simplicity. That doesn't mean it's lacking in beauty or that it's colourless... there are the Church's liturgical colours from day to day.

The « film shoot » takes place in Brittany at Notre-Dame de Timadeuc Abbey. The « script » has been cut back to the basics intentionally. The « cast » – as decreed by Saint Benedict according to his Rule – is the same from generation to generation of Monks : « In the joy of the Holy Spirit, renouncing one's own will and desires in order to follow Christ ... »

And who knows? Maybe that will make you want to learn why there is so much joy in leaving the world of possessions behind to live together at « the school of the Lord's service. »

Silence, we're filming! Lights! Camera! Action!

The authors: the Monks of Timadeuc.

Hope in God




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