Timadeuc Espoir en Dieur

"Far into the wilderness where God leads you" :

The monastic life is a life of isolation but a passionate one where those in search of God have replied to Christ's calling : here is the screenplay !

The following freeze frames will portray this in our unique Cistercian way, that is to say with a straightforward simplicity. That doesn't mean it's lacking in beauty or that it's colourless... there are the Church's liturgical colours from day to day.

The film shoot takes place in Brittany at Notre-Dame de Timadeuc Abbey.

The script has been cut back to the basics intentionally.

The cast – as decreed by Saint Benedict according to his Rule – is the same from generation to generation of Monks :
"In the joy of the Holy Spirit, renouncing one's own will and desires in order to follow Christ..."

And who knows? Maybe that will make you want to learn why there is so much joy in leaving the world of possessions behind to live together at "the school of the Lord's service" ?

Silence, we're filming ! Lights ! Camera ! Action !

The authors : the Monks of Timadeuc.

Timadeuc Espoir en Dieur

as the discreet testimony of the presence of the Church within the world.

as the choir from which raise the praise of the community for the glory of God
by celebrating the marvels of his love for the whole humanity.

So, although the abbey can't be visited, anybody can have access to the abbey church.
Stay for some time of silence and join the choir of the monks to pray with them during the services and the Eucharist.

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Timadeuc Espoir en Dieu

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Timadeuc Espoir en Dieu

Louange Monastique

Louange Monastique